Everybody likes to earn extra money, but how? One way is to take up freelance projects, but project availability may be erratic at times. Starting new businesses requires capital, expertise and efforts.

Want a simpler way? Why not start with stuff you already own?

Yes, renting out the stuff you own is definitely one of the easiest ways to provide you with some extra cash. And you can become a “micro-entrepreneur” with little or no capital, while monetising idle stuff at home. How amazing it is!

Below are 7 categories of stuff which are perfect for renting out:

    1. ToolsStudies show the power tool is used for only half an hour in its lifetime. The examples of power tool include electric drill, saw, screw driver or grinder. You may have a wide range of tools such as hammer, spanner, pruner, rake and garden shears sitting in your store room. Ladder, step stool and trolley are suitable for rent too.

    2. BooksWe normally read a book for once, and then leave the book on the bookshelf. Some books are collections for people, but most of the books are not. For students, textbooks are definitely used for one semester or so.

    3. Party and Event SuppliesWhen someone organizes a party, a large numbers of tables, chairs, silverware and place settings are needed. A guitar or some other music instruments may be needed to make an event interesting. Speakers and projectors may be needed too. If you have costumes like Spiderman or Iron Man, people out there are looking for these.

    4. Holidays and Camping GearI guess you don’t use your luggage frequently as you may travel less than 30 days in a year. Someone else needs your luggage for his/her 10-day trip. Same thing goes to your camping gear such as tent, cooler and picnic basket.
    5. Sports and HobbiesIf you used to play badminton a few years back, but due to some reasons, now you don’t play anymore, you definitely have a badminton racket collecting dust in your house. Same thing goes to your basketball, volleyball, tennis racket and etc. Someone else needs your rackets or balls for some social activities. And some may need your musical instruments to try out new hobbies too.

    6. Games, Movies and Software
      Regardless it is DVD for games, movies, music or software installers, there are people looking for them. They could be a graphics designer looking for AI installer, or a young Star Wars fan looking for the old series.
    7. BikesYes, probably you want to rent out your bikes placed in garage.

Renting out your thing is a relatively low-effort option to earn extra money.

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