Q: What is PenguinShare?

A: PenguinShare is the first peer-to-peer and business-to-consumer rental platform in Malaysia. Through this platform, everyone can rent and share things with everyone, regardless it is a power drill, hammer, trolley, ladder, book, CD, evening dress, blazer, bicycle, folding table, sleeping bag, tent, gardening tools, basketball, even a space in your house.


Q: What is the purpose of setting up PenguinShare?

A: PenguinShare team would like to facilitate the sharing of underused things in the community, and thus creating a more open and sharing community.


Q: What are the benefits of using PenguinShare?

To help all of us to save money by renting instead of buying a new one, to earn money from the things that we own but rarely use, to share resources in the community, and to save the environments.


Q: What can I rent out or rent through the platform?

A: Virtually you can rent everything from each other as long as it is legal in Malaysia, for example power tool, trolley, ladder, hammer, volleyball, book etc.


Q: Is it free to set up an account to rent out things?

A: Yes, it is free to sign up, and it is free to post items for rent as well.


Q: How much do I need to pay to rent a thing?

A: The rent fee is subject to the person who rents out the things. You can see the rent price with the posted items.


Q: Does PenguinShare charge any commissions for rent?

A: No, there is no brokerage commission fee at the moment. The rent fee will be paid by things Owners to Renters directly. PenguinShare is just a platform to facilitate the matching between people.


Q: Do I need to give security deposit to rent something?

A: The security deposit is subject to the person who rents out the things. It is recommended for Owners to impose deposits to safeguard your things. However, it is your decision for this as PenguinShare is just the sharing platform that matches the Owners and the Renters. PenguinShare does not manage the security deposits requested by Owners at the moment.


Q: What does PenguinShare do so that users can use the platform safely?

A: Other than signing up with your Facebook account, when you proceed to activate the account, you will be required to key in your IC number or passport number. This process is mandatory as this will ensure everyone shares things safely and happily. Therefore, do key in your real IC number or passport number for your own safety. PenguinShare also builds the rating and review systems for users to use so everyone can see the user’s ratings and past behaviors. Therefore, we strongly recommend the users to give feedback and rating to the other end every time you rent out or rent things. As a sharing platform, these are the things that we can do so far. If you have any good suggestion, feel free to drop the email to us at hello@penguinshare.my with “Idea for improvement” in the email subject line, and include your PenguinShare username.


Q: How to deal safely on PenguinShare?

A: Do the research properly about the item. If there is a feel that a listing looks suspicious, don’t make any further action until you are assured that listing is ok. Also it is important for you to read user feedback and profile. If you are dealing via meet up, make sure you will meet the other end in well-lit, public areas, and check the item carefully and thoroughly before making rent payment. Do not carry large amount of money when meeting up.


Q: How do I give feedback and rating to other users?

A: You’ll be able to give feedback and rating for a user after the asset owner accepts the rent request. In this case, the feedback and rating are from the users with genuine transactions.


Q: How can I report possible scams and fraudulent behaviors?

A: If you suspect there is a scam or fraudulent behavior on PenguinShare, please report this to the PenguinShare team as soon as possible. Send an email to hello@penguinshare.my with “Trust & Safety” in the email subject line, and include your PenguinShare username, the other end username, title of listing, and details of the incident.


Q: Can I report other users?

A: Yes, you are encouraged to report any users who misbehave or scam that jeopardize the safe use of PenguinShare platform. We will investigate and users who do not comply the terms & conditions will be suspended or terminated. Since PenguinShare does not sit on transactions, we will not be able to take legal action against users who misuse PenguinShare.


Q: How to rent things out?

A: Easy, just click “Post an item”, snap & upload some photos and fill in the information. Make sure you upload enough photos and give detailed information to give people confidence on your items. Then when people are interested on your items, you will receive the message from them.


Q: What happens when something goes wrong? (Damage, loss or any other incident)

A: For any rental transaction, whether offline or online, the agreement is established between the owner and renter to confirm the deal and item conditions. PenguinShare is only the platform to match the Owners and Renter. However, you can create your own rental agreement to safeguard you, or you can get the sample agreement that PenguinShare provides for free on the website. It is up to you to use it or to edit it based on your needs and negotiations.


Q: What is the rental agreement?

A: The rental agreement is the default contract suggested whenever you will rent an item. This rental agreement is offered as an optional and free download from PenguinShare. Under no circumstances is PenguinShare to be considered a direct or indirect party to this agreement. The agreement is strictly between the owner and the Renter as dependent upon their mutual agreement. You can also use your own rental agreement, as long as it is a legal contract and reflects the terms fixed by the you and the potential renters.


Q: Why don’t I see the item I posted for rent?

A: Your rental listings are instantly registered in the database once they are published for rent. However, it may take several hours for them to show up in search results.


Q: How do I pass/receive the items to/from the other people?

A: You can choose to meet up or to courier, it is your choice. However, keep in mind that you are able to investigate the items if you choose to meet up. Furthermore, you will be able to see your renter/owner if meeting up, after all sharing economy helps to connect people and to make new friendship.


Q: What if I cannot find the items that I need on the platform?

A: In fact, you can ask around for the things that you are looking for by clicking on “I’m looking for an item”. Just fill in the item description (and upload a photo if you have any), then your request will appear on the platform. If there is someone who happens to have this item, he or she will contact you.