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Red Leather Jacket (FULL)

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whether you have always been a charismatic loud mouth or an unnoticed shy type, there is nothing more captivating than adorning a vermillion red shade.

rent this PU leather in full jacket or just the vest or shoulder sleeve for minimum of 3days (extension negotiable)

Full Jacket = RM80 for 3 days
Vest Only = RM50 for 3 days
Shoulder Sleeve Only = RM50 for 3 daya
extension of days can be negotiated

Red Leather Jacket (FULL)
I would like to Lend This Item
RM 26.67 Per Day

To Get This
Meetup - Ace Hardware (the Starling) Jalan SS 21/37 Damansara Utama Petal...
Rental Period - 3 Days
Deposit RM 150.00
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